Hospitality Wellness Workshop


We were asked by an International Hospitality Wellness company to create a workshop around the concept of the hybrid spa/gym - where the two seamlessly work in harmony. We travelled to Evians-les-Bains to present our proposal to them.

The goal - challenge the preconceptions


All photography by Aylott + Van Tromp




Evian is the ideal location for such a workshop - the town has long been known for it's thermal spa


Our dialogue started by stripping back to the basics - what is a spa? what is a gym? Taking ideologies from the Greeks and Romans, the spa/gym was the social epicentre of community, it was where business was done, where friends met to converse, where you ate and drank.

This new concept destination should tend to all facets of our well-being - Diet, Mental Health, Social and Fitness. Not just focusing on one, but enveloping them all into one space.




Our focus was then to define the key design cues needed to create an urban spa - Simplicity, Tranquility and Escapism being just a few. 


We looked at role reversal in both gym and spa;

Now - Spa; Scheduled, Formulae | Gym; Accessible, open, unvaried

Future - Spa; On Demand, attainable, unrestricted | Gym; A Destination, A Journey, An Experience


We also discussed the importance of brand and how taking knowledge from other sectors such as retail is a vital part in making the space desirable, immersive and tailored to each individual customer. Brand affiliation is key to keeping and attracting customers.


James Van Tromp