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Riviere make custom handmade rugs of exceptional quality. Their collection reflects a passion for modern classic design and understated elegance. 



Almost opposite our studio on Lots Road sits the little shop of Riviere. With a huge hanging rug at one window and original craftsmen’s tools on the next, you instantly feel that these rugs are special.


Riviere are the leading designer of the most beautiful and intricately designed rugs which hold timeless elegance and glamour. It was founded in 2005 by Camilla & Leo Riviere, with backgrounds in art and design, they have a thorough understanding and appreciation of classical & modern architecture, paintings and interiors. Having also travelled extensively in Europe & Asia, their inspiration draws heavily on all these experiences.

These hand crafted rugs begin their journey with the design, you can custom designs to work for your colour palette or client needs. Once the design has been created a graph is then made which shows each individual knot on the rug for the weavers to follow. Each square inch holds at least 100 knots allowing for extremely detailed designs. This is sent over to the workshop in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal where the wool from the Tibetan sheep is spun, carded and dyed. The sheep here have adapted to extreme cold temperatures and because they roam freely in the wild, the wool they produce is strong and very high in lanolin content, which makes Tibetan wool one of the finest natural fibres in the world. The wool being high in lanolin offers natural stain resistance and resilience, thanks to this a Riviere rug may be passed down to generation after generation, as a family heirloom.


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Riviere have a choice of nearly 2000 different colour tufts meaning you will always find the perfect colour way and match for your job. In some of the designs there are up to 19 colours which means the weavers may have to change the colour of yarn for every knot, making it a very skill full and painstaking process. In addition to wool and silk they also use a wide range of other yarns and knot counts including mohair, nettle, linen and botanic silk. Due to the level of detail involved, some rugs can take up to 6 months to make as each week a single person can weave about 30cm of rug. Once completed they are then trimmed, hand washed, left to dry in the sun and finally the edges are bound by hand. Using the same techniques used by master weavers for hundreds of years and the same tools means that every rug is of highest quality and every rug is slightly different to one another. 


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The Crafting Process

- Unique graph for each rug

- Wool/silk hand shearing, carding and spinning

- Yarn – hand dying

- Hand Knotting on the loom

- Hand Washing

- Hand Trimming

- Drying

- Final Trimming

- Hand binding edges

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Most of the rug designs are derived from art and paintings such as Mark Rothko and the Museum of Modern Art, turning the rug into a piece of floor art. In an increasingly mass produced world, Riviere are proud to be part of a highly skilled artisan tradition.


Written by Charlotte Ponting

Images from Riviere


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