Verbier wellness

Gym & Spa



A personal well-being centre, tailor made to the owners specific needs and requirements and dedicated to sport and recovery of alpine pursuits.



Many of us have visited the mountains and become entranced by them. It is not just their obvious inherent beauty but their simplicity, purity and honesty. We feel a connection that is often diluted when living within towns and cities, a feeling of immediacy, space, strength and size

When creating the design, we embraced this human emotion to create a sensory experience, one that puts us in touch with these surroundings and places us into contact with the mountains base elements.



From smokey greys to warm woods and glimpses of quartz, the material pallete could easily be one viewed from a long hike through the mountains. 

The key has been to weave a warmth through the scheme and ensure that instead of a barren space, a strong spirit pervades where you feel embraced and relaxed. A refined combination of the soft natural world with stone, metal and minerals.



Situated within a luxury alpine complex, the design task was to provide two areas with two distinct functions. One being a strength and conditioning centre that provides a well rounded fitness solution for all mountain pursuits. The second spa area being focussed on the recovery and relaxation of body and mind post activity. 

Being underground with no natural light, a challenge was to bring a harmony and balance to the spaces. Overcome by using a darker, moodier palette and an integrated use of lights, the end result was a modern and calming, yet contemporary space which avoided the typical look and cliches of a alpine spa. 



From a large format panoramic lightbox portraying Mont Fort, 

Verbier’s iconic mountain, rough textures combined with smooth, and a individual room scent blended from native Swiss botanics. The design incorporates a host of features that provides a sense of place.


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