Restaurant & Tap Room

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An immersive restaurant experience for a new fine dining brand, where every texture and touchpoint envelopes guests in undiluted alpine charm.



Aylott & Van Tromp were asked to create a new dining experience set within the heart of the Swiss Alps. With the Interior designs look and feel being all important, we naturally took inspiration from the surrounding environment and formed our creative ideas based upon a land of contrast.  With the

mountains completely changing from one season to the next, the idea was to provide an atmosphere which changes upon transitioning from one internal space to another. Different textures, materials and tones being used to evoke contrasting emotions and sensations, just like the cuisine being created within.



Taking inspiration from the locations contrasting seasons, the soft tones of the restaurant combine with the harder materials and tones of the bar below.



From the calm restaurant through to the bolder bar, a complimentary palette has been used throughout. Even though the two spaces feel different, the schemes sit harmoniously together. No material has been picked to fight with another or be outlandish in appearance.

 Everything was chosen with a sense of place in mind and the use of artisan products such as the live edge timber table tops keeps the design grounded whilst remaining contemporary.


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