Retail + Spa


The Emotion of fragrance


Commissioned by a well known high street perfume brand, we created a concept for their new luxury range. Based in Mayfair & Marylebone, the concept contains everything required to display their high-end luxurious products. Subtle in appearance yet highly functional and stylish to the discerning customer.

The concept was based around scent and its connection to us and our emotions. With its ability to transport us instantly to a distant memory, time or place. Evoking memories of travels, family, friends and far-flung places. This capacity to change a mood or create a joyful smile is something we worked into the design and focussed upon.



Blending the emotional aspects of our lives and what scent stirs within us whilst weaving a flavour of international styles, we created a cool, sophisticated and eclectic design.

 Using touches of inspiration from France to the Caribbean, South America and the Far-East, it nods to the perfumes ingredients and past, combining together to create the perfect platform in which to stirs customers souls and transport them to a different place.



Alongside the main retail store, we created a private retreat where one can escape and receive a personal and dedicated product consultation.



Soft and smooth textures combine with hard and textured.

Contemporary lines and elaborate detailing all come together creating a retail environment that is as varied as the scents and customers themselves. The store to creating a experience that feels homely and welcoming whilst having the allure of experiencing something new and exotic.


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